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I have always been passionate about learning new things just for the sake of discovering and understanding something unfamiliar. I often would spend hours browsing Wikipedia, Discovery Channel, National Geographic just to explore around. I found that other people were interested in the same topics but they felt that they didn’t have enough time or they would get bored quickly. So I asked myself, if the content was quicker and more engaging, would they be inclined to learn more? After doing some research I came to the conclusion that there was an opportunity to create quick educational content that was meant for the internet generation.

Anatomy of a Ficazo
Fun, Short and Educational anatomy-of-a-ficazo
Created more than 100 animations
From Space to History anatomy-of-a-ficazo

I decided that the content should have three characteristics: fun, short and educational and that the best approach to prove this concept was to create bite-sized animated GIFs. I had the chance to partner with top animation agencies in Mexico, hire amazing creative talent, and partner with nonprofits and science celebrities such as; DonorsChoose, The Melanoma Foundation of New England and The Dinosaur Whisperer.

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Each animation was sent to all subscribers ficazo-newsletter

I was picked as one of the three companies (out of 200 that applied) to attend Cinepolis Accelerator where I was awarded investment and was part of a program that lasted 3 months. There I had the chance to meet amazing mentors, executives from Cinepolis, and other venture-backed startups which gave me assistance and insights into running my own company. At the end of the program I was able to pitch this idea to Alejandro Ramirez, the company’s CEO.

Cinepolis Accelerator
First day cinepolis-accelerator

Creating a brand and iterating to search product/market fit was a challenging but enjoyable journey. I am excited to use all of the lessons I learned during this time to help other companies and for other ventures.

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