I help companies create great digital products.

About Me.

I have been working in technology for more than 10 years. I have experience in the three pilars that create a great product: Technology, Design and Business.

I have led teams in a company that grew from a few people to a team of 120, impacting more than 35 million users around the world.

I recently created Ficazo, where I launched the brand from an idea and was able to raise capital from Cinepolis the second largest movie theater chain in the world.

What I can do for you.

Market Research

You have an idea, that’s great, but before you put your heart and soul in it, it’s better to have the right information. I can help you answer questions like: What problem is my product really solving? Who should it be targeted to? What other products will I be competing with? among other things.

Minimum Viable Product

Building a product is expensive, it takes both a lot of time and money. I can help you plan what is the least amount you have to do in order to validate your idea. I can also help you bring that idea to life and create a prototype that can be tested in order to get data.

User Experience

I can help you understand how you can improve your product’s user exerience. Asking questions to potential and current customers I can help you uncover what can be improved in order to delight them whenever they interact with your product.

Business Strategy

When you live day in and day out inside your business, you may miss some connections and opportunities. I can help bring you that fresh perspective to your business to help you grow.

Featured In.

"Simple, useful, and nicely designed. What’s not to love?"

"Learn new science facts with these adorable animations"

"...me parece que DestinoHotel está muy bien realizado"


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