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Thanks to the internet, people are able to experience on-demand music for the first time. Unfortunately, for billions of people that have never had a smartphone or access to the internet, this was still impossible. However, we noticed that millions of them had feature phones so we decided to create a solution to be able to access Grooveshark’s catalogue using “non-smartphones”.

Explaining the idea behind Jamfly
Using interactive animations to explain the concept jamfly

The process was simple, just send an SMS text with the term “search” and the name of the artist you want to play and Jamfly will reply with different song options. You would then reply with the code of your song and Jamfly would call you and immediately start playing the song. Using Twilio’s platform we were able to quickly create a prototype that validated that it was possible for us to make this a reality.

We were in talks with a company in Africa to implement Jamfly as part of their offering for their subscribers.

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